Guaranteed you'll PASS on the FIRST attempt!*

The PASS method is updated for 2011 and is compliant with Breining Institute's new RAS Exam structure and includes the following tools:

The RAS Exam Study Guide: The RAS Exam Study Guide teaches the techniques, principals and practices needed to retain the correct information to PASS the RAS Exam on the FIRST attempt.
The guide will discuss why choosing Breining Institute as your certifying organization and the RAS Exam is the best choice; it will explain the processes of registering as an Intern, applying for the RAS Exam, study techniques and methods (i.e., time management, memorization techniques etc.), how to utilize the study tools provided (RAS exam study guide, audio CD's, flash cards, practice exams and answer keys) in the program and what to expect when taking the RAS Exam.

The RAS Exam Flash Cards:​ 275 flash cards providing all the definitions of key terms and exam material from Breining Institute’s Addiction Professional Manual for Counselor Competency (Second Edition) that you need to know to PASS the RAS Exam.

The RAS Exam Flash Cards Audio CD's:
Flash cards and memorization techniques/study tips are recorded on two audio cd's (over 80 minutes) for an additional mode of learning! Listen and study while driving, commuting or while doing things around the house.

The RAS Exam Practice Exams:​ Includes TWO RAS Exam practice exams! Each exam with 100 multiple choice questions (just like the real exam) based on the material in Breining Institute's Addiction Professional Manual for Counselor Competency, created to give YOU the self confidence needed to get the best score possible.

The Answer Keys:
Each RAS Exam practice exam has a 100 question answer key. Each answer key includes the correct letter answer A,B,C or D and the complete answer. Plus a bonus of the chapter from the Addiction Professional Manual for Counselor Competency that the question and answer were gleaned from. This allows you to target the areas where you're struggling and go directly to the chapter in the manual and study ONLY the material that you need to pass the RAS Exam.

The Answer Sheets:
Each RAS Exam practice exam is accompanied by a 100 question answer sheet. This allows you to use the RAS Exam practice exam over and over with out marking the answer directly on the exam.

The Scratch Paper:
When you take the RAS exam you will have a piece of scratch paper that the exam proctor will provide. In the study guide you will learn how to best utilize the scratch paper to ensure you earn the highest score possible on the RAS Exam. 

There is no place else to obtain this extremely valuable information 
expertly compiled to ensure that your career as a Registered Addiction Specialist will be a reality.

*If you do not pass the RAS exam on your first attempt after purchasing the PASS
method, I will work with you on an individual bases to ensure you utilize the material in the PASS method to retain the information needed to pass the RAS exam.

**Breining Institute does not officially endorse the PASS method. This method and the opinions, statements and material are an original work of Jonathan Strong, RAS. All information in the PASS method is directly from The Addiction Professional Manual for Counselor Competency (Second Edition) by Breining Institute. "Registered Addiction Specialist" and "RAS" credentials: Service Mark Reg. No. 65739, Class Number 41

Because it's not JUST a test!