Professional Addiction Specialist Study method

Guaranteed you'll PASS on the FIRST attempt!              98% success rate!*

The PASS method was developed to fulfill the need for a study guide and study method to ensure successful completion of the registration, preparation, exam and certification processes with the end result- PASS Breining Institute’s 

There is no place else to obtain this extremely valuable information expertly compiled to ensure that your career as a Registered Addiction Specialist RAS will be a reality. If you have any questions please review the FAQ page or contact page, then for further inquiry please call or email me at: 
Phone: (209) 923-1725
To order please visit the order page, or click here.

*If you do not pass the RAS ACE Exam on the first attempt after using the PASS method with audio CD's, I will work with you on an individual bases to ensure you utilize the material in the PASS method to retain the information needed to pass the RAS exam. Since creating the PASS method over 200 people have used it, only 4 have not passed on the first attempt using the complete PASS method.

 **Breining Institute does not officially endorse the PASS method. This method and the opinions, statements and material are an original work of Jonathan Strong, RAS. All information in the PASS method is directly from The Addiction Professional Manual for Counselor Competency (Second Edition) by Breining Institute. "Registered Addiction Specialist" and "RAS" credentials: Service Mark Reg. No. 65739, Class Number 41 AOD Counselor Exam, AOD Counselor Test, CAADAC Exam, CAADAC Test, CAARR Exam

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